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PNEUFORM Hulín, a.s.

Pneuform was established in 1992 as a company engaged in engineering activity and the production of repair materials for tyres and inner tubes.

The company gradually reoriented on the production of moulds, containers and complete tyre curing technology.

The core of our activities is the manufacture of moulds for UHP production, passenger winter tyres, truck moulds including 3D sipes, and sipes and pattern elements produced using the DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) method. Most of the truck and OTR moulds PNEUFORM manufactures use the low pressure vacuum casting method of AlSi alloys, which offers better mechanical properties and heat conductivity.

Our goal and vision is the complete supply of moulds and containers with minimal outsourcing requirements. PNEUFORM produces all the parts and mould components within the PNEUFORM Group, and we outsource only consumables. Thanks to this, we are able to meet our customers' ever-changing needs.

Moldcast s.r.o.

Our foundry possess some of the most advanced low pressure aluminium casting technology. Moldcast was established in 2005 in Holešov. It specializes mainly in unit and prototype production, and partly also in the small-scale production of aluminium alloy casts (AlMg, AlSi) using low pressure vacuum casting technology. The Moldcast range of products includes sector casts for tyre moulds and raw-casts from AIMg and AISi alloys (engine parts, municipal structure elements, sporting needs and others) and casts for shoe moulds.

The company also offers the construction, production and tuning of moulds for low pressure vacuum casting, and the finishing of casts by grinding and blasting.


Our first Russian subsidiary was established in 2006, and is based in the city of Yaroslavl.

The company is engaged in the finishing and assembly of tyre moulds and containers.

We also produce sidewalls, beadrings and bladder rings, and supply all container parts and components.

PNEUFORM RUS provides all services connected with the warranty and post-warranty repairs of moulds and containers, including repairs directly in the customer's business premises and the option of outsourcing mould maintenance and repair directly in tyre production.

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