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We adapt all individual processes, production planning and manufacturing technology to meet our customers' ever-changing needs.

  In urgent cases, we deliver our mould anywhere in the world within 35 days!



Our main activity is the production of segmented and two-piece tyre moulds with a standard sector split or an "S-split". Our range of products includes tyre moulds and containers for passenger, truck, industrial, agricultural and motorcycle tyres.

We have mastered low pressure casting technology using AlMG3 and AlSI alloys to produce tyre mould sectors.

PNEUFORM delivers tyre mould sectors and sector rings produced by the direct milling of aluminium materials, or made from steel blocks, rolled-out and forged rings. These are usually moulds for AGROP, GC / CV casings, and flotation casings for various applications.

We rely on our own production of most materials, mould parts and components, including sipes and venting systems. PNEUFORM guarantees the highest possible quality and timely delivery, at a level which few of our competitors can match.


Most of the containers are supplied according our own design, or produced in compliance with the customer's specifications.

We produce sector design containers with the option of fixed preload adjustment, or a floating type with automatically adjustable preload using a Belleville spring system (registered industrial design f. PNEUFORM).

Dimensional series include containers for the production of passenger, truck, motorcycle and OTR tyres.

PNEUFORM also supplies semi-containers, flower-type containers, upside-down containers, containers and chambers for two-piece moulds, including various tailor-made solutions.


Along with the manufacture of tyre moulds and containers, we also offer our customers complete technological tyre curing designs, proposals and solutions, according to the customer's assignment and specific conditions.

Our solution includes everything from design creation, simulation, FMEA and production of testing moulds, templates, handling stations and bladder units, to arrangement of tests and preparation of technical documentation, including production of complete investment units, and sub-deliveries of curing machines and other equipment from other producers.


PNEUFORM supplies moulds for the manufacture of bladders, pressure- and injection-type bladder moulds and mechanisms up to a size of 48". Bladder moulds are supplied with various types of surface finishes, including grooves, "orange skin", 3D relief and others, including various surface finish material solutions for all of our mechanisms and bladder moulds, for example nitriding, hard chrome plating, teflon-based coating etc.

At the same time we also deliver moulds for the processing and various applications of technical rubber.


The pillars of our service include the creation of technical documentation, and the manufacture of foundry models and steel dies. We assist customers with tyre and lettering design creation, tread pattern production and sampling.

As well as supplying the moulds, we maintain, overhaul, modify and repair them. We also repair, maintain and clean the moulds, directly in the customer's business premises, on a long-term basis.


PNEUFORM provides project and engineering activity within the scope of the development and production of complete tyre curing technology, tyre mould design, tread patterns, sipes, tyre lettering, and design and application of various types of venting systems.

We also perform accompanying tests (including the design and production of testing equipment), and product optimization at a design level and during the actual production, using the corresponding materials and components.

Our services also include tailor-made solutions, such as tread pattern optimization with regard to various factors, noise calculation and simulation, and FMEA analysis during the construction or modification of an existing design.

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